My Dog Tried The Top 3 Dog Foods: Who Was The Winner?

Nom Nom, Ollie & The Farmer's Dog in a battle of Jax's taste buds. Who makes the best, whole-food dog food?


What type of food do you think Jax chose?

Nom Nom!



What was Jax's favorite food?



From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, Pharaoh Hounds, and Bernese Mountain Dogs, the incredible variety of breeds out there each have their own needs and yet for the longest time, there were relatively few dog food options in grocery stores.

But fortunately, there are now companies that specialize in making fresh, healthy, whole foods that are tailored for your own dog’s needs. Three of the best are Nom Nom, Ollie, and The Farmer’s Dog. I enlisted the help of my own star pup, Jaxy boy, to determine the winner by category and overall!

🐶 How do they compare taste-wise?

All three companies deliver veterinary nutritionist-designed recipes with high-quality ingredients but Nom Nom was Jax’s clear favorite. He devoured his meal and seemed to wag her tail the hardest when I was serving her a Nom Nom meal over the others. It was actually so adorable how excited she would get at mealtime on Nom Nom days and she seemed a bit disappointed when Ollie was on the menu.

Visually, Nom Nom stands out to me with fresh, whole ingredients you can actually see and recognize, while Ollie’s less than appetizing-looking mush doesn’t inspire as much confidence in me.

🐶 How do they compare with meal-customization?

Every dog is different — and their food options should reflect that. Nom Nom, Ollie, and Farmer’s Dog are in a class of their own because they take all your pet’s details into account when developing meals, paying close attention to known and potential allergies.

All three brands offer four different recipes for fresh meals, Farmer’s Dog and Nom Nom feature Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Turkey, while Ollie features Beef, Chicken, Turkey, and Lamb.

Nom Nom offers a comprehensive questionnaire based on age, weight, breed, and health issues. It also offers the unique ability to auto-rotate recipes so your dog never gets bored at mealtime.

The Farmer’s Dog offers the most detailed questionnaire (including questions on spay/neuter status, pickiness, and current preferred type of food).

If your dog likes kibble, Ollie also offers two options for Baked dog food and you can choose just fresh, baked, or a mix of both with your delivery. But Jax was never a fan of dried food, so we prefer the personalization that the Farmer’s Dog offers.

🐶 What about convenience-wise?

All three companies have exciting meal options — but how easy is it to portion, serve, and store those meals?

All three provide you with the exact amount of food your dog needs every two weeks. The Farmer’s Dog meals come in packs which can represent one, two, or four meals. It’s easy to squeeze the food out of the bags.

Ollie’s packaging is easy to open. The brand provides a container and spoon to store and portion meals.

Only Nom Nom takes all the guesswork out of feeding with convenient single packs per meal, all portioned to your dog’s daily needs. No guessing or scooping required.

🐶 Which kind was the most nutritious?

I’m passionate about giving Jax what I want for myself: wholesome real foods, where I can see the quality and be assured that care has been taken to make them as healthy as possible. 

For all three companies, their recipes are carefully formulated by veterinary nutritionists to provide the right balance of protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. But Nom Nom goes one step further with Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists actually on staff.

With minimal processing and chunks of real food, you can see all the natural nutritiousness of proteins and veggies that Nom Nom meals deliver. 

As an optional extra, you can add a probiotic to your shipment to help digestion and absorption of all those nutrients.

And the OVERALL winner?

If you’re looking for the most nutritious and healthiest meals for your dog, you can’t really go wrong with any of these fresh dog food brands. But for Jax and me, we found the most success with Nom Nom.

With just a few orders, I noticed a shinier coat, better breath, smaller poops, and increased energy for Jax. Nom Nom even offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see benefits in 30 days with a refund on your first order.

For these reasons, plus the customization, Nom Nom is mine (and Jax’s) favorite!